how not to charm a Mexican four year old

We were driving back from our friends’ cafe with their four year old daughter, Asha. I sat in the back to chatting to her in my rudimentary spanish to try and keep her happy for the journey. She asked me something I didn’t understand:

F: You know I’m from England – that’s why I don’t really speak Spanish. I speak English instead.

Asha: You’re from England. Is that why your skin is verypale?

F: Yes – most English people have pale skin. It’s not very sunny there. Look, I’ve also got blue eyes.

A: Is that why you’ve got hairy arms?

F: Yes, I suppose so.

A: Like the chupacabras.*

*A Mexican monster which sucks the blood of its victims (usually goats) dry.

the chupacabras

chupacabras captured in action


About San Cristobalense

These are random posts about my time in Mexico - partly to record for myself and also so people who know me can get an idea of what I'm up to. Being slightly paranoid and unsure about what is acceptable here I'm keeping this anonymous - that leaves me to be rude or to talk about things that are not altogether within the pale if I want to.
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One Response to how not to charm a Mexican four year old

  1. yuny says:

    you made me laugh so much!! Great blog, intelligent..
    Greetings from DF

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