would you let a drunk drive the country?

The banner, unveiled by opposition deputies last week in the federal congress, reads:

You wouldn’t let a drunk drive your car, right? So why do you let one drive the country?

It’s common knowledge that President Calderon has a drink problem, and the story might have stopped there.

However, Carmen Aristegui, one of Mexico’s more respected radio and TV journalists, took the opportunity to ask on her radio programme whether the President’s drink problem might in fact be a legitimate issue of concern. Not unreasonable considering the disaster overtaking the country.

The next day Aristegui was sacked by her employers. They and the government deny that there was any pressure from the president to fire her, but no-one believes them.

Her sacking has caused a national outcry, and has now become an international news story (eg http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-12414223).

It’s a public relations disaster for Calderon. It’s widely known that he’s an alcoholic; the question people are asking though is why he doesn’t have any sober advisers around him, who might stop him making such a mess of things.


About San Cristobalense

These are random posts about my time in Mexico - partly to record for myself and also so people who know me can get an idea of what I'm up to. Being slightly paranoid and unsure about what is acceptable here I'm keeping this anonymous - that leaves me to be rude or to talk about things that are not altogether within the pale if I want to.
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